DOGMA is an ethnic progressive rock band from Armenia, good enough to be described by Ian Anderson from British “Jethro Tull” band as: "The best musical band this side of Mars. Amazing bass player. Brilliant vocals. Searing guitar. Thundering neutron drums. This band feature instruments which are weapons of mass destruction.... Oh, to be so young. Meanwhile "The Classic Rock” Magazine describes Dogma’s music as: “Aggressive riffs, ethnic vibes and psychedelic soundscapes all wrapped up with stunning delicate female vocals”.

Created in 2008, Dogma plays an original and unique blend of progressive rock elements with Armenian ethnic vibes, flowing from quiet acoustic passages to fierce sound of emotions punctuated by the versatility and sensitivity of vocals, which can transfer the listener from a powerful mountainous landscape to a serene apricot garden in the blazing sun.

Current band members are – Vardan Grigoryan, bassist and band producer, Heno Grigoryan, guitarist and composer, who both played in the legendary in Transcaucasia MDP band from 1994 to 2007, Zara Gevorgyan, vocalist and lyricist, Gor Avetisyan, drummer, Serge Melkonyan, keyboardist and sound engineer.

Dogma has released 3 albums, which have found their fans worldwide: “Ethnic-Methnic” 2008, “Under Dogma” 2013, "Na Ne" 2016.

Dogma band members have performed as guest act with Ian Anderson from the legendary Jethro Tull band, played at German “Wave Gotik Festival”, performed at “Red Bull X-Fighters’ Jam”, collaborated with Grammy winning percussionist and vocalist Arto Tuncboyaciyan, received “Caucasian Music Award” for music development, etc.



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