Authentic Light Orchestra


Authentic Light Orchestra was founded by multi-instrumentalist Valeri Tolstov in 2009 with an idea to combine different musical genres such as jazz, rock, elements of Armenian folk, modern classics and live electronic. There is no special accent separately emphasizing any of the above mentioned genres. All of them are harmonically supplementing each other producing a unique sound and original interpretation of Armenian folk. The main challenge of the band is to create a fresh view on folklore music, finding new musical language and new distinctive sound of Authentic Light Orchestra.

A.L.O. consist of musicians that are famous for performing in well known halls like Carnegie Hall, Tonhalle Zurich etc and on world known music festivals such as North Sea Jazz, Jazz Baltica, Montreal Jazz Festival and so on. Lots of them are winners of many competitions such as Montreux Jazz piano competition.

In 2014 the band has performed about 70 concerts in 40 cities including a concert in Kremlin Palace in Moscow for 4000 people. The band has also won the grand prix of Armvision contest Tsovits Tsov for best arangement and performance of a folk song.

In 2014 the band released the second studio album Forgotten Runes on Art Beat music label.

In 2016 A.L.O. recording a soundtrack with Serj Tankian for a Hollywood movie "The Promise". The soundtrack was recorded with Authentic Light Orchestra and String Orchestra in Moscow at Mosfilm's studio. Same year the band received the first Russian World Music Award.

At this moment the band is working on the new album and plans to present the new album by the end of 2017



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