Since their formation almost 20 years ago, and fronted by long-time member Mick Moss, Antimatter have moved through a broad range of musical identities. The debut ‘Saviour’ (best album and best newcomer of the year, Psycho! Magazine, 2001) launched the project with a heavy vein in electronica, whilst ‘Planetary Confinement’, four years later, saw a completely acoustic canvass. The next, much celebrated ’Leaving Eden’ album sealed the chameleonic nature of Antimatter, portrayed this time as a downbeat classic rock outfit. Most recently we have seen the progressive rock/new wave hybrid ‘Fear Of A Unique Identity’ (entering the German newcomer charts at number 6) followed by 2015's melancholic art-prog 'The Judas Table', leaving us with the question, what will they sound like next? One thing is for sure, the introspective, socio-psychological lyrics, dark musical vibe, and Moss’s soulful vocals, all staples of Antimatter’s trademark texture, will remain.




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